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Lights, no camera, no action - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
Lights, no camera, no action

So I did finally get to see a bit of Vivid. Of course, as nothing is ever easy in my life, the very, the one night I’d put aside for my own entertainments, for once, was suddenly mightily impinged upon by work demands again. Oh well, I had until dawn, right?

So it was a late start to the evening a rushed tea, but oh so nice and spicy in the Thai café around the corner (I had the larb, of significant spiciness compared to what the local place, long since burnt down in suspicious circumstances, one fatality, used to offer).

Anyway, we caught the train to Circular Quay, which solved half the problems from last year (me being knackered by the time I’d walked there) but not the fact that the Olympus, which, to be honest, had never really worked properly had chosen today, of all days, to not work at all or ever again. No, off to the festival of lights, with no camera.

Fortunately it’s the 21st Century and even my humble phone offered a camera of sorts and I think I managed a couple of not too wobbly shots. I was also saved by this year’s Vivid, if one was only wandering about the installations and not attending a ticketed event, was somewhat meh. When the light installations are less inventive than the window of a convenience store, I think you’re in trouble.

So no giant glowing bunnies or anything of that ilk. I did get to see the Customs House illuminations from the train platform, which was the perfect viewing platform, upon exiting the train, and that, I think was the highlight.

The Opera House was lit up with hand dawn illuminations, giving it a very Tom Tom Club or Machinations feel.

Nothing else really did it for me (oh, how jaded) except the weird late 70s/early 80s jaggy looking animations on Cadman’s Cottage, that looked exactly like something from a Baker or Davis era episode of Doctor Who, the ghostly dresses down in The Rocks, and in Martin Place, which was mostly dead and dull, there were some weird plant looking things that made bubbly electronica sounds, so they looked and sounded like they should have been in a Hartnell or Troughton era Doctor Who story.

Ok, yes, you can see what I like, and why isn’t Doctor Who like that anymore, I wail. Still, wasn’t it nice to see the Skaro regeneration project coming along so nicely.


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