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now I know how Joan of Arc felt...

Nothing but tv, throwing up and tantrums, I'm afraid (check your calendars). No exotic parties, locales, people, events or anything the least bit newsworthy.

Started feeling a bit strange on Monday so I came home early, needing to do admin on my own pages anyway. This was where my trouble began.

What a carry on. Anyone would think my bro was the one on the rag, not me. And then I threw up, a lot, while he was having breakfast the next morning. I was so sure it'd be the last straw but he came home with a bargain bin Ewan dvd for me instead (the one with the polar bears). Apparently all is forgiven.

I'm glad I stayed home, if my dummy spitting today is anything to go by (but they did wilfully destroy/fuck up three sites I've been working on for over a year by messing with the menus etc). Yesterday I was in full Exorist mode, especially re projectile vomiting. What fun.

I lingered barely conscious through Reilly (mmm, Sam...) and managed to only catch Touching Evil on the third repeat. Mother's friend arrived for Melbourne cup tea and bickies and I ended up walking her excessively pampered and passive aggressive pooch around the yard several times, which actually helped, a lot. I always used to walk my dog, Kirsty, and she always used to treat me gently at these times, which I appreciated, because nobody else ever does or did.

I wrote some fic, none of which is useable, watched a couple episodes of Smallville on dvd and Roswell and Buffy on tv, because it's easier to follow the plot if I know it off by heart if I my mind wanders off in the middle, which it did.

It's funny because Xander's crayon story made me think of old, old, old friends and, freakiness, minutes later I hear we might be getting together. I hope so, because I love them dearly. There's something about bonding over cordial or crayons that bonds you for life, no matter what. If only the friendships I'd made as an adult were as long lasting, accepting or adaptable. Weird, that.

Fell asleep through Relic Hunter, missed Farscape entirely. Caught most of it this morning and the evil bug induced hallucinations looked a lot like my reality and I realised I should probably ease up on the mersyndols just a little. Then I saw what they'd done to the sites I'm responsible for in one day of abscence and decided to screw that, and swallowed half a packet. It's the only way to deal, sometimes, especially as the current merlot on offer at home is a little rough.

Anyway, it amusing to see Bruce Spence turn up in Farscape, though why anyone was the least bit surprised when he turned out to be a baddie is beyond me. I thought they were wasting him in a muted role, but it was all high camp at the end, and we applauded.

Obviously I didn't go anywhere further than the corners of my own yard, all thoroughly snuffled by abovementioned dog. Nor could I indulge in the table of nibblies on offer for Melbourne Cup high tea - my life just sucks, you know? My horsie came in third though. Sheer luck - I'd only picked it because there was a picture of Hugo in the paper (and if you can work out that connection you're as crazy as I am).

This morning I was late in because I forgot my bus ticket, my disk (upon which I commute files and memos), etc etc etc. I really shouldn't be working at all, as I'm all sleepy, dopey and grumpy. Not good.

They're serialising Master & Commander in the local rag, no doubt in an attempt to educate people before the fillum opens here. I wish they'd stop. Personally I don't want ignorant, boorish people and people I really loathe and dislike, especially in fandom, being introduced to my favourite books. It was very much like a club, a secret handshake, with selected introductions, inductions and codes. Why, the best friend I made in my last Dept was made because he recognised a Killick quote in an email. It's like people en masse suddenly discovering your favourite indie band. It's weird, and you know you're being outrageously uppity, but you really don't like it and you don't want to share and you wish they'd all go away, thankyou. Mine! My precious....

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