mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Stormy Weather

So we’re out after three days of what possibly was or wasn’t a cyclone (it’s more of a nomenclature thing than the fact we’ve been lashed with floods, wild tides and 100km winds for three days).

Three days of extreme not good. Other folks had worst times, but for me the highlights were on Monday when the bus driver decided to end his shift by stranding us in the dark and pounding rain while he drove off, also going A over T several times, once achieving the splits at last (ouch) so I’ve been wearing my Docs every day since, and yesterday where flashy and bangy lightning slamming to the ground close by while I was crossing the road was extremely and dangerously distracting, especially as it was wall of water zero visibility, which is why I also had to be herded across the road by a sou’wester clad copper because it was impossible otherwise. All that to get to and from work. Tuesday night, the night we were all told to leave the city, was actually the least difficult trip home.

Home is soggy, being situated to ensure all floodwaters run down the driveway and under the front door, but other than that, phew.

So, with nearly 200,000 people off the grid due to blackouts on Tuesday night, and me home safe due to mandated early mark (see evacuation order), would it be wrong of me to think now is the time to try Netflix, without those 200, 000 F’ers jamming my bandwidth? Yes, it would be wrong, but I was right. I managed to watch two whole episodes of Daredevil without any blips or blurps, as it was meant to be watched. It’s actually not bad.

I heard they’re making another series. Yay. It’ll probably be the whole Elektra and Bullseye thing - and I’ve gone straight to The Tick place – it’s a marvel that I don’t start quoting The Tick while trying to watch Daredevil, waiting 40 minutes for another two words of dialog to load, or not.

‘Another urban myth dispelled. Ninjas don't bounce.’ – The Tick.

So anyway, today Mother Nature decided to throw fog at us, but that’s ok, I can do fog. In fact, I was thinking today would be the day I would get to work without going A over T once, when a skateboarder came down the ramp.

I tell ya, if I keep showing up at work bruised and bleeding, folks will think I’m secretly fighting crime at night. Ok, more likely they’ll think, correctly, that I should be allowed out without supervision.  Sigh.

Tags: daredevil, the tick, weather

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