mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Words will hurt - at 70kph

I have finally joined the 21stC. In other words, Netflix finally arrived in Australia. Of course I'm still going to try and stream Daredevil on 1940s era copper wire, but ever the optimist. Hey, maybe I should opt for Agent Carter instead, more in keeping with the period?

I've not actually done anything but sign up and up my IP plan, but hey, a girl can dream.

Re Hannibal, I should try the look away method, but that wouldn't leave me with much. Dear Mads - I must be getting squeamish in my dotage.

Have not yet seen Poldark, nor a peep about it playing out here. Mr Amazon still beckons, in other words. I am keen to see it, though. The original was, um, formative viewing.

So last night I basically fell over the threshold, but I watched the Flash and Justified. Interesting combo, but still at the mercy of the tv schedule here. To be honest, I found Flash more engaging. Justified so needs to ... or get off the pot, as my father used to say and would say of Justified. All this endless flirting twixt Boyd and Raylan, now, really. It's getting old. (Hrumph, though it could be the hangover speaking).

That's about it. Wallowing in my old Daredevil TPBs until DD day, waiting for GoT and Outlander to start up again (yes, Outlander, a girl's gotta have one guilty pleasure and I'm fairly shameless about everything else.)

TV? Nothing of note. Theatre? Not so much (I had to bail on my usual season pass) but pretty good so far. No soul sucking duds, unlike last year. Probably because I don't have my season pass (three good plays, three really bad ones).

Reading? Count of Monte Christo. Cracking read, but I nearly killed someone when the lunatic bus driver braked so hard the unabridged version flew out of my hands. Yikes. MxV=Clunk!

That's it. Been watching way too many chaps in tricorn hats of late.

Heh. Well, I still think Black Sails wins most improved series this year. Hell, they went a whole episode sans boobs last Thurs.

Did you see Rupes with that poodle on his head in one flashback? That killed almost an entire season's worth of Spooks brooding.

It's the only show I can honestly pimp these days. Everything else is either not screening here or dire.

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