mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Hello Possum!

Why I'm not sending the typed pre prepared missive is it's nearly 100F and the ageing Dell doesn't do that without screaming like an old Falcon with a faulty fanbelt, and yesterday, oh yesterday. Had our second possum bust through our feeble chicken wire guarding the attic access hatch, which they busted last month, and this critter, after doing a Keith Moon on the bathroom, ended up behind the bookcase, despite being the size of a large house cat (there's wall gap) and we had to move the bookcase and carry the critter out. Thankfully we'd been gently persuading it to exit with the broom handle all morning so it wasn't so feisty any more and Himself carried it out, still clutching at everything on the way like a cartoon, while Himself was clad in pith helmet, bomber jacket and gardening gloves. Sadly no pic as I was on rear guard with the broom. Anyway, I managed to snort up over a decades worth of toxic dust behind the bookcase we had to empty and pull out so I have massive sinus headache so no complicated computing, like replying to emails, for me today.

And now I gotta get my jeans in off the line - possums are kinda like skunks when they get corned.

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