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double, double toil and trouble

Excitement! The building across the road is on fire, with thick palls of smoke both outside and, alarmingly, inside our building right now. I can hear the firetrucks finally arriving. Nope, not suspicious at all. I feel like a volvo driver: everywhere I go there are sirens.

Wednesday's tv included Without a Trace, involving crazed Nam vets, a plot so beloved of Streets of San Francisco et al, back when the crazed vets were actually AWOL and not haunted old men. Points for originality, not. One wonders what they'll do when that generation starts going into that good night. Oh wait, silly me, I've already seen crazed Gulf War vet plots, as in crazed INSERT NAME OF WAR veteran, tm. Those plots never go out of style. I mean, how many crazed veteran episodes did the X Files field?

You know, I often times find these plots hugely insulting to veterans, but never mind, that's tv for you.

At least there was an adequate sufficiency of Eric Close on screen this week, with even, gasp, character development. Mercy! Okay, he hates his Dad - I didn't say it was a startlingly original devlopment.

Then we had post revolution Reilly. Sam was looking spiffy in his uniform, cause, you know, I do love a man in uniform. Especially the earlier wars where one went to battle and made a fashion statement at the same time.

After that there was Birds of Prey, more out there than QAF. I particularly loved the speech about Dinah running away from home because they wouldn't let her be who she really was and they were going to send her to a home to 'cure' her. Well, I immediately thought of that Tick episode where Arthur's family stage an intrevention and it just had me cackling, serious subtext notwithstanding.

It's almost as bemusing as Smallville and Roswell where smalltown boys have to hide who they really are because people would fear and harm them. Subtext rapidly becoming text, methinks (especially Max's brilliant coming out speech in the finale - chortle). And yes, I am aware of the whole Matthew Shepperd thing that stirred up with the Smallville logo of Clark being crucified in a cornfield.

Thursday I had off as a rare RDO and my day, as so many do, started with a messy suicide. Fortunately just a neighbour I never really liked anyway but there were cop cars and ambulances and the coroner and everything. Quite the old three ring circus, as I well know.

This is why I loathe 'care in the community'. You get stuck caring for peole with no support, no respite and they load 'em up with pills and you always end up with a suicide, murder-suicide or murder, several on our street alone. I not only lost my Dad that way but a woman who was much more a mother to me than my own, who eased me through some really tough years. She was killed by her loony son, because it'd be cruel to commit him. It was cruel and inhumane for me to lose Margaret, but nobody cares.

Anyway, that was how my day started, when I'd only intended to clean inbetween bouts of Smallville (to give my ankle a break). I did get some Smallville in and shopping and errands also resulted in lunch specials at the local Thai. The problem with eating there is that people I know stop by for a chat, and sometimes they sample what I've ordered. Some people would find this alarming but I find it amusing. I was merely embaressed because the dear Cambodians had set me up with a bucket of laksa - I suspect they'd quietly supersized my order to be sweet but everyone did stare so. I was so embaressed I didn't dare ask for the remains in a doggie bag. Ssh, don't tell my magpies (oh, how they love a noodle).

Telly involved a shitload of Stargate. Seriously. There was season seven on EvilChannelSeven featuring the Jaffa who bore an alarming resemblence to TV's Frank from MST3K. I kept expecting him to walk in wearing an "I'm a virgin" t-shirt. At least Ryak has grown from brat to warrior, which is rare on SF tv, and can somebody botox MS, just to calm down the facial tics a little? I normally would never advocate botoxing one of my actors but in this case, it's either botox, decafe, or both. At least Jack and Daniel are back to acting like an old married couple again, bickering and grizzling and just why did Daniel slide Jack that look when Teal'c asked Jack to look after Ryak? And why did Jack get all defensive? Is it that Skaara thing again? (snerk).

After that it was onto TV1 for a minor marathon, starting with the Daniel sans shoes episode with baby Shifu and a script composed of last night's fortune cookies, it seems like. I was hoping this plot wouldn't go where it did, but it did, but watching it gave me those old ideas again and now that it's canon...

Next up we had "Spacemonkey!" and a very public display of affection in the Gate room. Those poor SFs, I bet they didn't know where to look. Too bad Danny never got squished in a bear hug the last time he came back from the dead. I guess it's getting pretty old, by now.

Then it was onto Children of the Gods, part one, where Jack invites Daniel home for beer and sympathy. Awwww. It's so amusing to see MS doing his very best James Spader. There's a lot of wobbly continuity now, with Kowalski never knowing Jack had a kid (by S3 they'd served together for over a decade and possibly even the kid was named after Kowalski) and the whole Daniel couldn't get the Gate to work from Abydos thing has been forgotten with 2.0.

Oh yeah, I also watched some Smallville, West Wing and The Streets of San Francisco as I cleaned. I swear I recognised one corner on SOSF, as in been there. Cool.

I should mention how much I'm enjoying the Smallville dvds after the trailers EvilChannelNine deigned to show. I'm finding all sorts of new and exciting things, such as the fact that the Metropolis Police did not chase that guy across state lines for just breaking a window, as per our butchered version. I'm going to wipe over my tapes, but perhaps keep one or two classic examples of the butcher's art, just for hilarity value, like the one where everyone keeps showing up with their arm in a sling for no apparent reason.

Ah, smoke's cleared at last. Cough, wheeze. Well, back to making these backups. Yup, I'm getting all the glamour jobs now. Oh, apologies for no fic today. I hit a huge gaping hole in my story that simply states that 'Chris finds Ezra', so I've got to sit down and write that whole, pivotal sequence. Yikes. I hate it when I do that to myself.

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