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do you like watching gladiator movies?

Stealing twenty minutes or so yesterday to myself to catch up on some of the links I'd been given and put aside til later, I went trawling on the web. I didn't really have twenty minutes to spare, or even two, as I had other more important things to do, but my list of places to see was getting unweildly again, and, well, bugger it.

Anyway, as I perused pic after pic it occured to me that a disturbing number of my favourite leading men are getting about in skirts these days (Sean, Orlando, Colin et al). It's a total toga party (pizza, pizza this!). Never before have I sat through such an excess of shapely male thigh (except when I had to dub Hercules Against The Moon Men so many times I went insane). Why, it's enough to make one belt out the Ode to Pants:

An Ode to Pants!!
Pants! Pants! Sing the praises of pants!!

Nothin' better shows my taste than what I wear below my waist!
Pants! Pants!!
Wear them and you're a cool guy as long as you zip up your fly!
Pants! Sing the praises of pants!
They help me suck in my gut, they always cover up my butt.
Dolphins, one of the smartest creatures on earth... do they wear
pants? No, but they wish they did. That's how smart they are!!

What keeps our legs all warm and hot? PANTS!
What prevents a buffalo shot? PANTS!!!
What have they got that I don't got? PANTS... huh?
© copyright Best Brains Productions
(from Hercules against the Moon Men)

Otherwise it was a complete sea hunt of a day. Lots of mocking, teasing and exclusion - it's like being back in school, oh joy. Lots of work, too, in spite of my removal from all things concerned with design and content - my actual position description. Sigh.

I ended up working all through Roswell and some Eric Close thing on Hallmark and fell asleep three minutes into Now and Again, but woke up again after it was over and then I couldn't get back to sleep - how annoying is that?

My poor brain is also completely fried, to the point that I have to consult a calendar to reaquaint myself with the date upon which Xmas usually falls. Yep, somehow I've managed to wipe 100 points off my IQ, yay me. No wonder I'm relegated to making backups of old sites on cd (picture me thumping the PC like the excellent 2001 pisstake in Zoolander, which always makes me giggle, having done Help Desk duty).

I think I'm doing really well dealing with the public humiliation of it all, with only one dummy spit, at home, so far, to blot my record (and someone else spat dummy last night so it's a draw) but I shouldn't like to have anyone push my buttons or excessively needle me, especially as we're firmly in the red zone. I'm like the San Andreas Fault, holding together by will power alone and just ready explode. So I'd be ducking and covering, if I were you, but people never do. As I always say, don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Especially right now. Deep down beneath my pinstripped blouse I'm really, really, really upset, and if you stick me with a pin, I'll burst.

Oh, happiness, Laurel Canyon (and Sandro) just received a glowing review on triplej. That's nice. It'd be amusing if it did good business out here. It's certainly being promoted all over the place. Colour me stunned.

Not that it's a bad film, quite the contrary, it's an amusing Californian comedy of errors with a cast filled with absolutely sterling actors, but I was so sure it'd never be released here, not even on video. Mind you, I'm talking from the experience of my local hole of an alleged video shop that doesn't even hold a copy of Jurassic Park. Cue the Cheese Shop sketch.

I keep cracking up over the latest Jurassic 5 tune, where they refer to themselves as purple gunslingers. I've heard some wrong things in my time but that takes the biscuit, for this week at least.

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