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  • Sun, 12:03: Himself is complaining he didn't know it was nude day. In other words he'd like more costumes in his costume dramas.
  • Sun, 12:04: Me, I saw Jamie Fraser dive under the mill wheel and Ross Poldark do a spot of mowing. Yowza.
  • Sun, 12:04: Double Poldarks as it happens, my Poldark and the new boy. Yowza.
  • Sun, 12:06: No mad voodoo monks, though. Yes, I had the ITC box sets out again. Gloriously daft and wonderful.
  • Sun, 12:07: Also all that wondeful tv was made by blacklisted artists like Sam Wananaker, who also gave us The Globe Theatre.
  • Sun, 12:10: What did the weasels who sat in judgement give the world, I wonder. Nothing as wonderful as the Globe. Have you been? Thank you, Sam.
  • Sun, 12:37: Of courseI shouldn't objectify my tv blokes. The mill needed fixing and the hay needed mowing. Essential to plot. Absolutely. Yes.
  • Mon, 08:27: TV hunks through history | via @Telegraph
  • Mon, 10:36: RT @josswhedon: Policy makers who deny basic scientific truth should also be denied penicillin, horseless carriages, air time on the magic …
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