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Saturday: I watched Laurel Canyon again today, but this time on the big screen. Yipee. It amused me greatly to go to a "sneak preview" of a film I've had on dvd for absolute ages, and it was so worth it.

First of all I was watching it without cheating with the skip function and secondly and most important, it was a better experience on the big screen. The opening travelogue now became a drive through the Canyon, which I enjoyed and Alessandro on the big screen, wowee. How beautiful and delightful he was, and I'd forgotten just how long his eyes lashes were. Swoon. Drool.

I'd intended to hike all the way across town to see it, but I just couldn't, as I'm becoming very uncomfortable going to places where I know I don't belong (ie nice suburbs), on account of being a fat slag, so I'd decided to do the usual Saturday shopping expedition instead and good golly Miss Molly if Laurel Canyon wasn't playing there at the megaplex at that very mall. Mercy! I'd never dreamed of that film playing west of Taylor Square. The cinema was quite full too, making me think I'd walked in the wrong one. It was a nice theatre, too. Good seats, big screen, great sound. Complete lack of wiggers. Happiness.

So it was worth the crazy bus ride - the driver had no clue so I had to direct her along the route until we picked up a supervisor in a 4WD and followed him in. Quite the experience.

The film was also enlivened by several of the loudest, seat shaking thunderclaps I'd heard in ages, in full sensoround. Apparently I missed a very impressive storm. I would have loved to have seen the fete we'd visted on the way empty out in a hurry. Heh. I picked up several very cheap banksias to plant out the from an an old Italian 60s coffee percolator for a dollar that has scrubbed up a treat. Even if it never makes another cup of coffee, it's a thing of beauty.

Xander: "Typical museum trick: promise human sacrifice, deliver old pots and pans."

Sunday involved a trip to the museum to see the Inca Gold and Sacrifice display, which did indeed feature a shitload of pots and pans, but most of these did depict various scenes of mutilation and dismemberment, and there was even a naughty pot featuring some very kinky and disturbing sex. I was impressed because normally they don't put the cool stuff on display. It was hard not to think of all that overacting in the Aztecs, even though what I was looking at was 90% Moche, which is from a different time and place. They were still enjoying human sacrifice though. Mad buggers.

Continuing on a theme we also visted the exhibit on death which was very cool, with lots of various funeral customs represented and you've gotta love friends willing to sit through a doco on forensic entomology.

There was also an enormous and most satisfying yum cha. Discovered the way to get in at lunch is to wave a couple of Chow Yun-Fat dvds about (a friend's latest thing). Heh. All the waiters are fans.

Watched Meet the Ancestors which was on Silchester, and there was the Eagle, in all it's battered glory. Sigh (and when is that coming on dvd? Please).

There was also Stargate (with the MIA Nyan), Touching Evil and Man From UNCLE. The rest of my weekend was taken up with things being needlessly difficult (like losing phone numbers) and me just dropping the ball and everything else. Crash. Clatter.

In other news, had a word to the union re situational merde. The job sitch does not look good but at least I'm not the first person to complain about Grima Wormtongue. That makes me feel, well, not better but relieved that I'm not an overly sensitive little flower making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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  • >Subject: the professor's wife
    >The chairman of the Mathematics Department at the college sent the
    >following email to his wife:
    >Dear Helen,
    >You know that you are 54 yrs old and are no longer able to
    >satisfy all of my needs. By the time you read this I will be off to meet
    >my 18-year-old intern at the Holiday Inn. I'm sure you understand and agree
    >that my needs are important. I will try to be home before midnight.
    >Well after reading the message, she immediately sent the following reply:
    >Dear Mack,
    >Received your email and I do understand needs. Just wanted to
    >remind you that you also are 54 yrs old. By the time you receive this
    >reply, I will be at the Ritz Carlton meeting with our 18-year-old pool
    >boy. I know that as a mathematics professor you will understand that 18
    >goes into 54 more times than 54 goes into 18. Turn off the lights when you
    >go to bed and don't wait up, I'll be home very late.


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