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Fic: Stargate: sequel to SNAFU rated [MA] Jack/Daniel part 9/9

Title: Wild Boys
Series: Stargate SG-1
Status: WIP
Part: 9/2 Sequel to SNAFU
Author: Hellblazer
E-mail address:
Rating: MA
Category: Slash Angst Action/Adventure Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Date: September 2001 - September 2003
Disclaimers: Don't own these characters, MGM, Showtime and the rest do. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, sex scenes, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes, general silliness, etc.
Spoilers: Season Three
Summary: Jack and Daniel go native.


No one in the Gate room could find the words. Daniel appeared, bearded and wild-eyed and speaking erratically and enthusiastically about something that amused only him. Then Jack had appeared, naked to the waist, painted in tribal markings and wearing a necklace threaded with the teeth of the men and beasts he had killed. The phrase 'gone native' didn't seem to do the situation justice.

Sam just gaped at them and then gaped some more. She'd been overjoyed at the news of their rescue, now she wasn't so sure. The men who'd come back weren't the same men who'd left. That much was clearly obvious.

Hammond was rendered similarly incapable of speech. It was Janet who came forward, demanding they be taken to the infirmary immediately. If nothing else they looked in dire need of a stringent decontamination.

"Colonel?" General Hammond, finding his voice at last, was asking his officer to explain his appearance and what he'd been up to.

Jack cocked his head towards Daniel.

"Old Queztecoatl here got himself accepted and feted by the locals and we had a barbecue. A big one."

Blank looks stared at them.

"They thought I was a visiting deity," Daniel admitted sheepishly.

Hammond nodded to Dr Fraiser to take the two shipwrecked and obviously delirious sailors to the sickbay.

Sam caught Daniel as he wandered out of the infirmary, still looking more than a little wild and woolly, searching his face for clues on how Jack was, and why he was being kept in the infirmary. Her confusion mounted as Daniel was giving her definite 'don't go in there' signals.

"Jack?" she had to ask at last, not fully understanding his meaning.

Daniel let out a breath and bowed his head, scratching at his beard absently.

"Jack's mad as hell at the moment. He thinks he might have CJS. Janet told him the risk was very low, but he's not very happy with me right now."

"CJS?" Carter queried, worried.

"The cannibals disease," Daniel elaborated, watching her eyes widen. He shrugged. "Jack helped see off an attacking neighbouring tribe, some form of almost ritual warfare from what I understand, being long standing traditional enemies. Anyway, they made a special celebration dish for Jack and he'd wolfed it down before I could tell him it was one of the opposing warriors he'd killed in battle."


Daniel just hunched over further. "It was really important not to give offence by refusing it," he offered by way of explanation for his tardiness in averting a possible medical disaster. "Jack liked it," he added, a wicked grin creeping in. "He had two helpings."

Carter was still glaring at him with extreme disapproval.

"He'll be fine," Daniel assured her. “I only mentioned it because Dr Fraiser wanted to know if he’d eaten anything out of the ordinary. Janet's checked him out several times from top to toe. He's being kept in for observation more for Jack's benefit than anything else."

Carter shook her head. Daniel may have gone too far this time.

"He'll forgive me, eventually," Daniel mumbled to himself. "He loves me too much not to."

Carter gave him a 'huh' look and Daniel realised he’d spoken out loud.

"I'm his pet civilian," Daniel back-pedaled. "Jack's a one civilian guy."

Uh huh. Carter just nodded and let Daniel go on his way. She was still looking confused moments later when she reached Jack's bedside.

"Carter?" Jack asked, not liking that look.

"Daniel just said you love him."

Jack schooled himself remarkably well, under the circumstances, he thought. "Not right now, I don't," he groused. "Where's the little geek got to anyway?"

She waved towards the corridor.

"Well, tell him to get his arse back in here pronto. He’s not supposed to be wandering about." Jack ordered grouchily. He wasn't about to have Daniel roaming the corridors being unusually chatty.

Carter was looking him over, wondering if it was really true, what Daniel had said. That Jack really had...done that.

Jack just glared at her so she went to fetch Daniel. Better to let those two sling it out than be caught in the middle. Several years on SG-1 had taught her that much, at least.

Daniel appeared several minutes later, beaming widely. "Sam said you wanted my arse in here," he grinned, somewhat suggestively like a horny teenager.

Jack flicked a look towards Janet, who took her cue.

"Daniel, have you eaten or touched anything on the planet..."

Jack snorted. Off her look he answered: "What didn't he eat, drink, smoke or snort? I swear he personally tested every possible pharmaceutical we brought back."

Janet gave Daniel a stern look. "The idea is to collect samples of local medicines, not experiment with them, Daniel. It's terribly dangerous. We've got no idea what the side affects could be. I'll need another blood test."

"You said I was clear." Daniel protested.

"I wasn't testing for unknown or trace amounts of psychotropics."

"Daniel, you're high. Sit down and shut up like a good little boy, okay?" Jack cajoled gruffly.

Janet was giving Jack the 'how could you not supervise him properly' look, again, as though he was an irresponsible parent. Jack felt this was very unfair, considering Daniel had led him to commit acts of cannibalism, a taboo he still couldn't get his mind around properly, though he suspected barbecue pork was off his menu permanently from now on.

"Hey, he muttered something about some anthropologist experimenting with the local whacky weed as a way of bonding with the main medicine guys. Who was I to argue? Daniel's the cultural expert. I'm just there to provide backup."

"Castenada." Daniel provided thoughtfully, and somewhat cryptically, sitting quietly through the procedure of having yet more blood tapped from his veins.

"Well, no more experimenting. You're both under quarantine until I get the results back."

Daniel slumped onto the bed, annoyed and pouting, bored already. Janet gave him an entirely unsympathetic look and went to hand the samples over to the lab technicians.

Daniel snuggled down on the bed, watching Jack, his eyes appearing eerily large without his glasses, or maybe that was just the effect of having his pupils blown wide open like big black saucers. He looked like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

Jack smiled, in spite of himself.

"Sorry," Daniel offered quietly.

"I know," Jack accepted.

Daniel reached his hand out towards Jack.

"Love me?" he asked, needing to be reassured.

Jack reached across and met Daniel's hand, caressing his fingers briefly with his own.

"Always," he answered truthfully, before drawing his hand back. “Even if you do drop me in some hairy shit.”

Satisfied with that answer, Daniel grew quiet and still again, watching Jack with deeply aroused eyes.

That's all Jack needed, stuck in the infirmary with a very high and horny Daniel and not being able to do a damn thing about it. His life sucked. He pulled his hospital blanket up about him fustily like an old man.

"Daniel, I'm going to sleep now. Try not to hump me in my sleep, okay?"

"Okay, Jack," Daniel answered cheerfully, clearly still too high still to be bothered at all over their complete inability to have a normal relationship in any shape or form.

Jack just closed his eyes and fell very quickly asleep, the way overtired soldiers can, leaving Daniel to lie on his side and watch Jack, never taking his eyes off him for a second.

Daniel was gazing at Jack with so much raw naked love, Janet saw it as she went past them again, and she worried.



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