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Ever reach that zen state of being, where life becomes just so beyond your control it's all Que Sera Sera? Or, as the kids say these days: Whatever.

As you're aware I've been up to my eyebrows in vocational merde for months now, not the least of it being two warring web teams resulting from an unhappy arranged marriage. Well, while I was a home nusing a puffy and purple ankle I wasn't meeting deadlines so Supreme Leader has decided that I'm surplus to requirements (rather than the contractors, but never mind).

Did anyone say I had a medical certificate in my defence? Did anyone mention I was as up to date as possible before I fell, literally, ill? Not a chance.

So I have to go. Only, because I have tenure, they have to force me out by being awful, and so it goes.

So I'm submitting one job application per day (I don't think I can do justice to more than that). Sigh.

Happily I have a choice of social engagements, activities and exhibitions and films this weekend so all is not lost, though ask me again when the hormones kick in.

Meanwhile Smallmindedville has destroyed the last three remaining Art Deco buildings in town this week, the bastards. I adore art deco architecture so I find this crime particularly heinous. Of course kicking down the door of the local Council rooms and walking in there with heavy artillery blazing wouldn't solve anything, but it'd sure make me feel a heck of a lot better. I'd call them vandals, but that's an insult to Vandals. Alas, the Barbarians are inside the gates.

Slept through Stargate but it was the mini-Jack one which was kindly previewed for me so no biggie. It's a cute episode and points for creative non use of RDA. The Loki thing still has me raising an eyebrow, Teal'c style, though.

Heh. It's Pitch Rich time on triplej, where former DAAS Rich is now head of comedy at the ABC, and listerners get to pitch shows in a phone in. This week he's after something for the over 60s. My fave so far has been Temptation Retirement Village. Heh. It's all so wrong - giggle.

Ack, now they're talking about rock films, and somebody mentioned Hard Core Logo. Twitch. I was once forced to endure a marathon of HCL songvids, one after the other, to the extent that I could have made a legitimate complaint to the UN re human rights abuses. Even now, just the very mention of the name still makes me twitch.

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