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The Brit(ish) List

 photo eddie-instyledec12us_0003.jpg  photo redmayne_gq191sep13es_0003_zpsc1b92f16.jpg  photo redmayne_gqapr-may12au_01.jpg  photo redmayne_voguejun12uk_02.jpg
 photo redmayne_gq191sep13es_0002_zpsc700b047.jpg  photo eddie_esquirejan13uk_07.jpg  photo redmayne_wfeb12us_01.jpg  photo redmayne_vanityfair619mar12us_01.jpg

(This week: Eddie Redmayne wins best acting Oscar at 2015's Academy Awards, Daniel Craig Looks Suave as James Bond on Spectre Set, Ewan McGregor to Direct American Pastoral Adaptation, Tom Hiddleston in first trailer for Crimson Peak, Douglas Booth Talks Jupiter Ascending, George Blagden talks season 3, Benedict Cumberbatch thrown an impromptu honeymoon by Jimmy Kimmel, David Tennant and Eve Myles Defend Series 2, Jude Law Celebrates Carnival in Bolivia, Damian Lewis on American Buffalo, Mark Strong's View on Arthur Miller legacy, Kit Harington on Game of Thrones end, Aidan Turner on sexy new Poldark, Dan Stevens Will Play Beast Alongside Luke Evans in Disney's Live-Action Beauty and the Beast)
Tags: aidan turner, benedict cumberbatch, charlie cox, clive owen, colin firth, damian lewis, dan stevens, daniel craig, david tennant, eddie redmayne, ewan mcgregor, james bond, jamie dornan, jason isaacs, john barrowman, jude law, luke evans, russell tovey, sam heughan, stephen moyer, tom mison

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