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Even when I'm trying to write Jack/Daniel, I still obviously have (and had) Billy Brennan on the brain. Of course there are other places I'd like Billy to be other than on my brain, but as he's fictional and I'm a hag, on my brain will have to suffice. At least life on the inside of my head is slightly more fun than the outside of my head.

Rather like John Quixote, which I watched both last night and this morning. Oy. This is usually the sort of episode they make after the axing, not before it, though it made a bit more sense this time round now I've seen seasons 2 - John Quixote. I'm not sure about the Max Headroom homage, though. I thought it was cute but in a room full of Scapers I was the only one old enough to get it - ouch. Nurse! My Zimmerframe!

I wouldn't say no to a walking contraption, actually. I only gave up the crutches because I was a danger to myself and others. I also gave up the courtesies that went with them, apparently, and it's hard to hobble across major instersections without getting run down like an indecisive chicken, I can tell you (and that's crossing with the lights). Grizzle. Whine.

In other news, Grima was openingly mocking me and criticising me in front of others again today, and going through documents with her cronies that are meant to be confidential and private, like my attendance records. I want to cry, but I'll save that up until I go home, big girl's blouse that I am.

I also submitted another job application today. I won't get it, of course, but at least I feel like I'm attempting something proactive.

I've just had a dear friend, who shall remain anonymous, confide to me that she almost gave up writing because of twats online who carry on like they know it all, try to dictate plot and character development and nit pick every tiny detail, subjecting you to a level of petty scutinty that professional writers rarely endure. Especially in the realm of historical fictions where all authors by necessity bend and fluff the truth, if there is such an animal as a historical truth, to fit the needs of the story.

This revelation disturbs me because this is the third friend this year to be harrassed and distressed enough to want to call it quits, and they are all extremely good writers so it's a terrible loss when they are bullied and driven from the fandom. Especially when the so called critics are rarely writers themselves, and they seem to want to write by proxy, acting with furious betrayal if the story doesn't go the way they want it to.

Any real writer knows that characters and plots always have minds of their own, and the author's wishes are often of no concern to the characters within. If you, the reader, are not flexible enough to go with the flow, well, then at least don't take out your personal weaknesses on others. Who are you to say what can and cannot be written? How dare you!

It's just such a shame to see this bullying driving more and more of my friends underground or out of writing altogether. We write for our own enjoyment, we write because we have to. If somebody else likes it, great. If you don't, is it really necessary to monster the author? Is there not enough fic out there that you can't feed your feeble whitebread tastes elsewhere?

Anyway, obviously it's a topic that upsets me and hits a nerve. This bullying trend, it's disturbing, it's hurtful and it's stifling of creatvity and community. It has robbed the world of what might have been some truly magnificent fics. As Derryn used to say: Shame! Shame! Shame!

Meanwhile, found this amusingly titled piece of spam in my inbox: "Want More Respect? Get it with a PhD." Because it's worked so well for Dannykins.

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