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Fic: Stargate: sequel to SNAFU rated [MA] Jack/Daniel part 6

Title: Wild Boys
Series: Stargate SG-1
Status: WIP
Part: 6/2 Sequel to SNAFU
Author: Hellblazer
E-mail address:
Rating: MA
Category: Slash Angst Action/Adventure Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Date: September 2001 - September 2003
Disclaimers: Don't own these characters, MGM, Showtime and the rest do. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, sex scenes, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes, general silliness, etc.
Spoilers: Season Three
Summary: Jack and Daniel go native.


Daniel. It always had to be Daniel. If and when they got back Jack was going to see if he could get him chipped or belled or something. Or something.

What was so hard about staying on the track and walking where Jack walked? Could he not, for five minutes, keep his mind on where he was and not on what was over the horizon?

"Stay still," Jack instructed tersely. "Don't try to swim or move or it'll suck you down. Just relax and I'll have you out in a jiffy," he reassured, looking completely in control as he measured a limber length of sapling and hacked it off. Then he carefully crawled out to where Daniel was slowly sinking, first on his hands and knees and then on his stomach, reaching out as far as he could, fishing for Daniel with his bit of tree. Looked like he knew he was doing, yeah. He could barely breathe, watching Daniel sink a good centimetre every second into the mire.

"Just grab it," Jack begged and watched helplessly as Daniel trashed about, sinking further and faster than ever as he tried to grope for the branch. Invisible hands were pulling his beloved down into the mud to drown and with one last desperate effort Jack stabbed at the sucking muck where Daniel had vanished beneath the surface and struck something solid. A weight suddenly pulled on his little length of sapling and he leant back and pulled, knowing he'd caught something.

Muscles straining Jack rolled and skidded in the mud as he dragged himself and his catch back, slowly, too slowly, until at last a heaving swamp monster emerged and began to pull itself up onto the surface. It climbed over the pole and finally collapsed onto Jack, coughing and choking, blowing snot and slime all over him but Jack didn't care just in that moment, hugging a heaving Daniel tight.

"You fucking idiot," he groused. "I told you to watch where you put your feet. These things can suck down a steam engine you know."

Daniel just nodded and Jack just wiped his face clear, leaving the rest of the swamp to stick to him - at least it was protection from the mosquitos. Jack waited a few moments until Daniel got his breath back and his own heart stopped thumping at a thousand beats per minute. One long, muddy tongue kiss later and they were standing, both a little worse for wear, moving off along the path Jack was beginning to know by heart.

This was their weekly pilgrimage to the Gate, where they would make the long, arduous and dangerous journey to the large stone circle, stand and plead with it to work, and then walk home, somewhat disheartened, avoiding all manner of bad tempered and poisonous plants, animals and vicious little pygmies.

Jack knew the way so well now he no longer needed a guide, and Daniel had healed sufficiently to accompany him. Jack always took the failure of the Gate hard, Daniel less so.

Daniel had, after all, opted to stay on Abydos, exiling himself there, because he had nowhere better to be. They only person he’d missed and regretted leaving had been Jack, and now he had Jack, so here or there, he was happy. It probably came from a rootless existence, first following his parents to remote digs around the planet, and then being shifted around from foster home to foster home. Daniel had been a fiercely smart and difficult child, and no one had been able to manage him. So Daniel was used to an unsettled existence, making the best of wherever he’d washed up.

Strangely, he’d washed up here with the one person who could manage him, or wrangle him better than most, at least.

Jack signalled Daniel to stop and take cover and Daniel dropped down without a word.

For all Jack's bitching, Daniel had been on the team long enough to be able to handle himself in the field, when he had to. Hell, Daniel had seen more action than most career soldiers. Daniel could be difficult and distracted but sometimes, sometimes even when Jack needed him to be, he could be a good little soldier.

Jack had fought hard to keep Daniel on the team initially and Hammond had made him Jack's sole responsibility. Jack had taken this responsibility very seriously and had put Daniel through basic training personally.

Jack had taken Daniel down to the firing range when he knew they’d be alone and there’d be no other airmen there to heckle Daniel or throw him off his game. Gently, his voice and touch as smooth as silk, Jack had taken Daniel through loading and unloading his weapon over and over until Daniel could do it without looking. Then he’d turned Daniel towards the paper targets, teaching him how to shoot straight. Jack had stood so close behind him that they were touching from shoulder to thigh and his arm followed down the length of Daniel’s, his hand covered Daniel’s as he held his sidearm and Jack’s voice was whispering in his ear to just relax, breath out and squeeze.

Daniel had nicked the target in the shoulder and he’d felt Jack’s cheek graze his, felt the heat of Jack pressed up against him and Jack’s hand over his, pumping the trigger again and urging him to just breathe and squeeze.

It hadn’t all been fun and games. Daniel had been beaten and bloody and had cursed him a blue streak but Jack needed to know Daniel had some hand to hand combat and weapons training under his belt. Daniel had hated it and hated Jack but at least he'd survived Jack's punishing program and hopefully he'd survive this planet. Daniel wasn't a total pushover after all, and this wasn't the first alien planet he'd been stranded on.

“Jack?” Daniel whispered, unsure of why they had stopped.

Jack ducked down further, dragging Daniel with him, silencing him. They crouched there, perfectly still, not daring to breathe, Jack’s hand firmly over Daniel’s mouth, and that’s when Daniel heard it, or rather felt it, pricking up all the hairs on the back of his neck.

Just his luck, the bloody thing had picked up their scent and it just wouldn't let them go. It was hunting them or herding them and Jack didn't care to find out which.

“Run,” Jack hissed.

They were still trying to get to the Gate. It was becoming a ritual for them, always hoping that this time the Gate would work and they could get a signal through. In this case, their radios having been severely damaged, they were relying on Jack's ability to bowl a note wrapped around a rock through the Gate. It was low tech, but it was better than nothing. Only they hadn't made it halfway there when this bloody thing had sprung out of the bushes and given them quite a chase. Every other obstacle strewn in their path could be avoided, walked around or outrun, but not this fucker. It was just biding its time, wearing them down, waiting for them to get tired or careless, and then it would make its move.

They’d dropped down to the ground again, exhausted, breathing hard, hoping the monster would lose them in the marshes, or lose interest at the very least, and go and find easier prey to chase.

A shadow fell over the fields of swaying papyrus in which they hid.

Daniel tugged at his sleeve. Jack heard the familiar buzzing too, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He signalled Daniel to stay put and to stay quiet and was surprised at the hostile flash in those blues eyes for just a second. He'd thought Daniel was absolutely loving it here, the chance for a long term study he'd always been whining for. He supposed all the observations in the world weren't worth the paper they were scrawled on if you weren't alive to bring them back. Daniel: always the glory hound.

The beast caught the hum and flash of silver of the UAV as it circled their position and took off after it, breaking cover and crashing through the undergrowth with a speed that made Jack sweat ice. No way could they out run a fucker like that.

"Whoah!" Sam stood back from the monitors, blinking wide blue eyes. "Is that what I think it is?"

"One terrible lizard," Major Davis agreed. "We'll need a palaeontologist to confirm what it is, exactly."

"Holy Hannah," Sam murmured, watching the beast chase after the UAV, snapping at it with enormous teeth. Once Hammond saw this - Jack and Daniel had no chance. There would be no rescue mission mounted to this Lost World.

"Was that?" Daniel had to ask, needing reassurance that he hadn't hallucinated the UAV.

"I'm pretty sure it was," Jack agreed. "They must have got the gate open again, but now we'll never know because some big fat dino is using the UAV to pick its teeth with.

"Surely they'll send another?"

"Daniel, do you have any idea of how much those things cost? No, if Hammond saw that he'll write as off as eaten, especially with no radio contact."

"But Sam -"

"That was probably Sam's last shot. With no proof of life Hammond will have to shut her down and reassign her. The world goes on, Daniel."

Daniel was about to add another 'but', Jack's expression made him think better of it, though.

They were now officially dead to everyone they'd left behind. It would take some moments of readjustment. They had to learn to live without hope, and they had to learn to live here, with just each other for real company.

There was nothing else to be done. It was just bad timing that the UAV had flown over the very moment they couldn't put up a flare. At least it had distracted the dino. There was that.

Jack signalled Daniel to move on, following him. There was nothing else to do but to slowly make their way home.


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