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There's something vaguely amusing in working on a page of chainsaw use regulations while Kill Bill is being discussed on the radio.

Otherwise, work sucks. Apparently my sympathy expired overnight and now everyone is make to being as mean as a nest of snakes. The whole world has gone back to being mean, like somebody just flicked a switch on a mind control machine in an episode of Dr Who or the Twilight Zone.

Apparently sympathy, concern, caring and considerate actions all have a very finite use by date and now, even though I'm still hobbling about like Pegleg Pete, it's time to suck it up like a good little soldier. I found the same expectations back when I was grieving. It's like being in some syndicated American show where everything has to be back to normal by the end credits.

Sigh. This is what I wrote my first JP3 fic about. It was barely a year later and Billy was still a mess and nobody had the patience for that any more. Like you can schedule these things. Hmph.

As it was I missed everything bar two episodes of Roswell as a very necessary fistful of painkillers caused me to snooze through Now and Again and 6FU. Hmph.

Oh, and I missed Dr Who, too, because I had to work back late. Not that I'm that rapt in the Who (though the Shakespearian luvvies have me in fits), but it's the principle of the thing. I think I'll get that one on dvd then (how I justify most of my purchases, though if I was being paid the overtime I worked I'd be able to afford it). Hmph.

Grima is also being very nasty and talking about me out of turn to everyone, all within earshot, then pretending to be polite. Arrrgh. I hate that. I swear, never trust anyone who's smiling or being polite, ever. I thought things had settled down but no...back to festering normal, then. Hmph.

Oh yes, while I was away they hired four contractors to help carry the workload. Four, and one of them has already been off sick with a stress related illness. So if you've been thinking I've been a drama queen over my workload of late: four contractors. Hmph.

In other news, it's blue skies and sunshine and nary a cloud to be seen, which is lovely to look at but bad news for the drought conditions. Due to water restrictions I'm back to watering my garden with buckets, though I understand some cultures value a woman's skill in carrying two buckets of water. Of course, current policy is all about water use, not water conservation. Hmph.

Oh well, the server's down again, which means I could either work through some tutorials in the back of one of my text books, or noodle with my fic. Hmmm...

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