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Fic: Stargate: sequel to SNAFU rated [MA] Jack/Daniel part 5

Title: Wild Boys
Series: Stargate SG-1
Status: WIP
Part: 5/2 Sequel to SNAFU
Author: Hellblazer
E-mail address:
Rating: MA
Category: Slash Angst Action/Adventure Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Date: September 2001 - September 2003
Disclaimers: Don't own these characters, MGM, Showtime and the rest do. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, sex scenes, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes, general silliness, etc.
Spoilers: Season Three
Summary: Jack and Daniel go native.


"Whatcha doin'?" Jack asked, settling beside Daniel outside their little daub hut, under the makeshift shade Jack had built, having tied a stretched skin from the top of the hunt and tent-pegging it to the ground, just to give them somewhere cool to sit outside the oftentimes cloying confines of their tiny adobe abode.

Daniel was lying back, using his pack for a pillow, just gazing out into the darkness above them.

"Watching the stars," Daniel answered quietly, indicating the patch of sky from where their cover ended and the tops of the enclosure and the trees beyond blocked his view.

"Think they might send a ship to come get us?"

Daniel turned his head slightly and gave Jack the look of a child that does not yet wish to be told the truth about Santa Claus.

"Yeah, they might," Jack reassured. "They have before."

He settled down beside Daniel, scouting the skies for the evidence of something bigger and meaner coming in, because sometimes, most times, the Goa'uld had a better idea of where they were and what they were up to than their own people did. Jack knew he should really have that talk with Hammond again about seeding the skies with their own spy network. Jack was never happy with having to make decisions based on second hand intelligence from alleged allies with their own agendas to push. He'd rather have his own people out there. It made good strategic sense. Maybe, in time, they could help sow the seeds of their own, human, resistance. It was a grand plan, a workable plan. Too bad it looked like he was never going to be able to get back to put it into action.


Jack ducked into the hut and rested his spear against the wall. His eyes adjusted enough to make out Daniel, lying flat on his bedroll by the fire, scribbling away in his journal.

"You'll ruin your eyes," Jack taunted.

Daniel glanced up and gave him his 'huh' expression, then wrinkled his nose at him.

"I could make an oil lamp, but I'd hate to disrupt the culture any more than I already have."

"You're so good," Jack teased again.

Jack had gone out to the Gate again and had still failed to raise the SGC.

"You don't seem very concerned," Jack was sounding slightly annoyed that Daniel didn’t seem to be as distressed by their stranding as he was.

Daniel shrugged. Daniel was busy cataloguing all the fruit, vegetables and grains eaten by the tribesmen, drying and preserving each specimen and storing them in little compartmentalised wooden trays he'd made up, like some Victorian gentleman's collection. Each specimen was carefully tagged and annotated, with an accompanying description of collection and uses in Daniel's journal.

"They'll figure out something. They haven't left us behind so far. Besides, you're one to talk."

Jack caught the sting in the words like a slap.

"That isn't fair. I got on with my life but I never got over you, not for one minute, and you know it. I don't know what I'd ever do if I really lost you and can we not have this conversation now?"

Daniel shrugged again, his expression saying 'you started it' but he knew better that to press on that still very sore point. To do so would have them back on non speaking terms and having Jack here, with him, was what kept their exile bearable.

Jack sat down, quiet, sulking, and he started fiddling with Daniel's growing collection, which Daniel carefully moved out of reach.

"You're loving this, aren't you," Jack accused far more mildly than Daniel expected. Jack's voice carried his indulgent tones, rather than his more familiar irritated tones.

"I don't know. I think it'd be rather nice to live without long shifts and six monthly performance reviews," Daniel ruminated wistfully.

“Yeah, well, paperwork was never my idea of a good time.” He regarded Daniel’s journal again sceptically.

“You think I don’t know how to have a good time?” Daniel took his cue from Jack’s inflection.

"You're idea of a good time is getting up to your elbows in a three thousand year old latrine." Jack regarded him somewhat incredulously, now smirking fondly as Daniel's eyes did brighten at the thought.

Jack just shook his head. Daniel had taught some of the airforce guys a thing or two about getting smashed on your days off, but he still had some damn strange ideas on what constitutes having fun.

Daniel ignored the slights.

"Besides, a chance to do a decent indepth study on a partly agrarian hunter gatherer subsistence culture rather than have to make sweeping generalisations in summing up an entire planet's history and culture based on only a couple of hours spent wandering around the immediate surrounds of the Stargate? Yes, actually, this is a rare opportunity. I'd almost forgotten that I'd trained as a scientist and not a soldier."

"Daniel," Jack warned him not to get too tart with him. "Besides, I've read travel books obviously written by people who've obviously never been wherever, so you're in good company."

Daniel gave him a look over the top of his glasses that said that platitude was unhelpful.

"Since I'm here, Jack, there's no harm in doing a thorough study of these people, especially as first contact belongs to another era back on earth."

"I was right, you are loving this," Jack accused. "You want to write a damn book, that that Calvin Klein guy."

"Levi-Strauss," Daniel sighed. “And he is not a pair of jeans.” It wasn't for the first time Daniel had repeated this mantra. Nor would it be the last. He was perfectly aware that Jack was pushing his buttons, Daniel was just deciding on whether he'd take the bait or not.

"Really?" Jack tilted his head. "Because I've always liked you in a nice pair of really tight jeans. You've got a nice arse, especially when you're leaning over a pool table."

Daniel shook his head indulgently. Jack was in a playful mood and when Jack was in a playful mood Daniel knew exactly why he put up with Jack the rest of the time.

Jack crouched down beside Daniel.

"So, whatcha writing?"

"Stuff. You wouldn't be interested in it."

"Try me." Jack asked softly.

Daniel held his gaze for a long moment, then reached forward and covered Jack's mouth with his own.

Jack was surprised, then closed his eyes, going with the flow. Then he was kissing faster and more insistent. Hungry, devouring kisses warred between them.

Daniel pulled Jack down on top of him. Hands scrabbled inside clothing, hips thrust and rubbed against each other.

"Hold it," Jack begged for a moment's peace as he unbuttoned his fly and got his cock out. Daniel grabbed at it, the crinkly silver hair brushing against Daniel’s hand as Jack's hand sank simultaneously into his own pants, and Daniel arched back in response. They gasped and groaned and rocked together as they brought each other over the edge, to lie soft and warm and sticky and kissing quietly in each other's arms.

"Not that I mind," Jack nuzzled against Daniel's cheek. "But was there any special occasion?"

Daniel smiled gently.

"No. I just felt like it. I love being able to touch you when I feel like it, with no one to watch or judge us. No cameras, no SFs lurking around the corner. No worrying if Teal'c or Sam should see us. No hiding. Here we can be free."

"I'm glad you're happy," Jack spoke softly. "But before you get too comfortable here, remember we don't know these people very well. So far they've been treating us as honoured guests, they probably think we're Snakes, but you said yourself, we don't know how accepting they are and we don't want to push it. For all we know nookie is okay on Tuesdays but punishable by death on Thursdays. You've lectured me again and again about not offending the aliens with the slightest look or gesture. So long as touching you the wrong way can get us killed on either side of the Gate, I'd rather we played it safe."

Daniel lay there, giving him a serious look. He wasn't saying anything.

Jack sat up, uncomfortable.

Daniel was giving him a look.


"You've actually been paying attention."

Jack feigned deep hurt. "I always pay attention to what you have to say, Daniel. Your stubborn refusal to give me the Cliff Notes version is what yanks my chain. You're not being paid by the word in the SGC, you know."

Daniel had the good grace to look sheepish.

Jack continued: "I've been in the middle east enough to know my left from my right. It's just the missions I was sent on weren't exactly diplomatic."

Daniel nodded his understanding.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, not really. Jack, of all the times, you choose now to pay attention to what I've been saying?"

Jack flashed him a grin before growing serious again.

"I don't really care when we're just in and out in a couple of hours and the planet's a complete write off. But we're stuck here, indefinitely, so we have to make nice, or it might kill us. What?"

Daniel was giving him a peculiar expression.


"I hate it when you're right," Daniel allowed peevishly, and Jack looked childishly pleased with himself.

Daniel folded his arms across his chest.

Jack regarded this latest move with alarm.

"Daniel, don't pout," he pleaded. "I didn't say we couldn't, just that we had to be careful, as always."

"I don't want to be careful."

"I know. That's why I'm the bad guy here. I’m not saying we can’t, I’m just saying we should be more careful when we’re in the village."

“As opposed to being more careful outside with the dinosaurs.”

Daniel was pouting, only it was his slightly flirty spoilt brat pouting, not his prelude to a temper tantrum pouting.

Jack shook his head. "Didn't the security check they must have done on you turn up the fact that you're a self obsessed little drama queen?"


"You picked the military, kiddo. I don't make the rules."

"Actually, it picked me, if you remember. They probably knew, but the plan was for me to solve the riddle of the Gate and for you to then boot my arse of out there. We were supposed to hate each other on sight, not fall for each other like two kids at summer camp."

That caught Jack’s attention, musing as he was over the occasion of their first meeting.

“What do you know about summer camp?"

"I worked at one once, when I was seventeen or so. My case worker thought it might bring me out of my shell."

"Did it?"

"Bring me out?" Daniel's lips curved into a coquettish smile and Jack just knew that was all he was going to hear about that story. The fucking little tease.

"How could anybody not know about you?"

Daniel just smiled.

"Ra knew." The smile grew more mischievous. "And Kasuf was ready to send in Skaara if I'd turned down Sha're."

Jack's brows beetled. That wasn't funny. He still saw Skaara as a mischievous boy, not the blooded adult warrior Daniel remembered.

"Jack, it was different on Abydos."

Jack still didn’t want to think about it. An uncomfortable silence settled between them.

Things were still a little strained between them. The wrong word, the wrong memory, it could cut across their friendship, like now. Things had been prickly for a while, but the last six months had been a nightmare. Daniel had been grieving and Jack, Jack had vanished.

Jack's stranding hadn't been the worst of it, it had just been the first blow. Jack's ensuing infidelity had been a second blow, but by far the greatest remaining 398 blows to their relationship had been Jack's apparent and immediate betrayal of everyone and everything upon his return.

Of course it had been explained to Daniel that it had all been a ruse, but that had been no comfort at all. Jack had played the part too well, he'd been too convincing, and on that day when he'd had to get rid of Daniel as quickly and efficiently as he could so Maybourne could make his move, Jack had done his job too well.

Jack had assumed that once told the truth, Daniel would understand and forgive him and things would get back to normal.

It hadn't worked out that way. Jack's words had ripped Daniel raw and left him bleeding and Daniel, despite all Jack's reassurances to the contrary, refused to believe those words, those hateful, hurtful words, had simply bubbled up out of nowhere. In his heart Daniel believed Jack had meant every word that he'd said, at least on some level, and Daniel couldn't move past the personal betrayal of their friendship, not even in the line of duty.

There was one further outrage that Jack didn't know about and would never know about: without Jack's protection Daniel had been fair game and he'd been monstered by Makepeace and his meathead cronies. It had been high school all over again, only worse.

Jack would probably tell him it was his fault, for deliberately walking to his own beat, for being too bookish, too fey. Jack would be right, too. The Airforces had rules, strict cultural rules, and Daniel had flouted all of them.

In all, it had been a completely shitty time for both of them. Only another near miss had brought them together again, and Daniel still had the sense that this was more of a ceasefire than an armistice. Jack's words and actions were still there, burned into his flesh, but so, too, were Jack's current words and actions. These were both caring and affectionate, as much as an old grouch like Jack could be.

Daniel could push aside his hurt feelings because Jack wanted him to and Jack needed him to. Jack was being everything Daniel had fallen in love with: strong, fiercely protective, loyal, affectionate and loving, and it wasn't an act. Jack was in love with Daniel and he wanted Daniel to forgive him, because he wanted to, because he needed to. After all, if their friendship was worth anything it was worth mending.

Jack draped himself back over Daniel, kissing him gently and Daniel was happy to respond.

"I thought you said..." he started when Jack drew back a little to catch his breath.

"Ssssh. I'm the Colonel. I get to say when we break the rules."

"Is that right?"

"Uh huh."

Jack rolled off Daniel, grinning, and lay beside him, shoulder to shoulder. He gave the fire a measured look.

"It's hot in here, and stuffy and smoky."

"I need the light to write by. And I was cold. I haven't been out running about and hunting...whatever it was you were hunting."

Jack touched Daniel's cheek, feeling the cool skin.

"You okay?" he asked, concerned.

“I'm fine."

"It wasn't too long ago that you were Shiksa-Daniel on a stick."

"I'm fine," Daniel reassured with a smile. "I just don't get as hot and sweaty as you do."

Jack arched an eyebrow.

"Is that a fact?"

Daniel grinned.


Jack was watching the water intensely, spear ready in his hand.

A warm open palm rubbed up his sunbrowned back, distracting him.

"You look hot," Daniel purred, licking along Jack's ear and jaw.

Jack turned into the kiss, sucking on Daniel's tongue like it was the most natural thing in the world to him, like breathing.

They came up for air a moment later, Jack pulling back just a little. Jack was obviously aroused but somehow, through years of training, he still had his mind on the job. He brushed a dry kiss over Daniel's lips then returned to the job at hand, scanning the shallow water for fish or eels.

"Sssh. If I don't catch anything we don't eat, or it's pot luck," he warned, and Daniel took a step back to let him get on with it, having had more than enough of the tribe's mulligan stews to last a lifetime. Roast fish ala Jack would at least give his innards a day off from processing new foods and taste sensations. They were adapting to the local diet but they still had the odd unhappy night.

Daniel crouched down on his haunches beside Jack, content just to watch him and watch the water for telltale ripples or splashes. Jack was looking relaxed, tanned, fit and healthy and a lot of the grey worry the SGC had heaped upon him of late had finally fallen from his face and he looked almost content, in his element, and damn hot. Naked to the waist his sun browned skin shone with a fine mist of sweat under the heat of the dawning sun, his tribal paint smudged, yet the thickly daubed lines accentuating the slightest move of muscle as he hovered above the water, watching, waiting, ready to pounce. Daniel knew he could watch him forever.

"We've never done this before," Daniel broke the silence, earning himself an annoyed wince from Jack.


"Just us. Just being together."

"We've done this before."

"Missions and training don't count. I meant like now, just you and me. No agendas, no deadlines, no phonecalls, no duty. Just you, and just me."

"Told you I'd take you fishing with me one of these days," Jack grinned.

Daniel sank into comfortable silence again, watching Jack and after a while Jack suddenly stabbed down so fast he made Daniel jump and with a satisfied 'ha!' Jack hoisted aloft his flapping silver catch, water flying like quicksilver in the sunlight.

Jack was looking so pleased with himself, so self assured as he flopped it into his basket - he didn't want to know where Daniel had learnt basket weaving, and returned to scanning for a second fish, because he was feeling hungry now.

This was Jack, completely in his element, showing off, happy. This was the Jack Sarah must have fallen in love with. Now he was Daniel's.

Another lightning jab into the water and another fish was hooked into their basket. Jack ruffled Daniel's hair and with Daniel carrying the basket and Jack carrying spear and rifle, they set off back along the path to the village.


"Stop fidgeting," Daniel exclaimed at last, exasperated. "You're making me mess it up." He was carefully applying lines of paint across Jack's nose and cheeks.

"I feel stupid."

"Think of it as sunscreen."

"Think of it as face painting. You're not doing a big butterfly and making me look like a dick, are you?"

Daniel smiled, amused by the idea.

"No," he grinned, trying to placate Jack, but his smile gave Jack little confidence.

"We can't go to dinner underdressed," Daniel lectured primly.

They were both down to only trousers and boots and war paint, but nevertheless the paint and the stone and feathered trinkets they wore indicated their social status and it just wouldn't do to show up for dinner not properly dressed, as Daniel had stressed.

Evening meals were a communal affair, the seating arrangements and the distribution of food reinforcing kinship ties and the social pecking order. Not unlike the formal dinners they had attended in Washington, as Daniel reminded him. These people were their hosts and protectors and Jack was willing to play ball.

Besides, it was something to do, something to pass the time, and Daniel was a great fireside storyteller. Jack had been worried that Daniel wouldn't be able to keep up the pretence of being a visiting deity or holy man and they'd end up in the communal pot, but Daniel's ability to spin a yarn and not skimp on the details, a constant source of irritation to Jack, had cemented his stature in the tribe as a great orator and each night he would hold young and old spellbound with his tales as he grew in fluency of their language.

If Jack objected to Daniel using their own adventures as the basis for a story, which he often did with the raise of an eyebrow, Daniel had a world of mythology, literature and popular culture to fall back on. The tale of the two lovers from warring tribes, Romeo and Juliet, and the tale of the evil wizard, Darth Vader, and his battle with his son, had proved particularly popular.

Daniel was currently working his way through Lord of the Rings and even Jack found himself looking forward to tonight's instalment. Daniel swore he'd only read the books once or twice, but if he had to skip over or fudge some of the details, nobody was the wiser.

Jack would sit across the fire and watch Daniel act out scenes with flailing arms, or lean close to impart the most precious details quietly, and Jack found himself entranced. Usually they were on the clock, in hostile territory, and he never had time for Daniel's long winded embellishments, but here he could indulge Daniel and Jack found he loved listening and watching Daniel tell stories by firelight. Maybe he always had. Maybe he'd just been too embarrassed to admit it to himself before. Maybe he'd just been too busy making a pretence of indifference for Carter's benefit to pay attention.

Daniel himself was having the time of his life, immersing himself in the culture, and some nights the two of them would forget all about their past lives in he SGC, for a couple of hours.

Daniel, for his part, was learning some of the tribe's culture and history. It seemed gods, no doubt Goa'uld, had indeed lived there for a time, but they had long since returned to their home in the stars. The gods had brought the people here, then returned to the skies after teaching them various subsistence skills, that was all they knew.

Daniel had heard the same origin myth before, and in other cultures, and of course things had become garbled over a millennia, especially in an oral culture. A huge honking Chinese whisper of a history, as Jack called it.

Why the Goa'uld had left, Daniel couldn't say. Maybe events had required that resources and personnel were required elsewhere in the empire, causing this little outpost to be abandoned. Maybe the local wildlife had made the place just a little bit too wild to be worth it. Maybe a lot of things.

Jack only wanted to know why the snakes had left, in case they came back, like next week. Daniel was pretty certain that was unlikely. The ruins they'd found looked pretty weathered and deserted, and this planet, at least what they'd seen of it, looked pretty abandoned. There was no evidence of more advanced civilisations elsewhere on the planet, as far as they could tell.

Still, it was enough of a question mark for Jack to keep his guard up. That and the local wildlife.


Daniel was following Jack through the undergrowth, swatting at trailing vines and bugs and waving away the strong smell of sulphur in the air.

"Um, Jack," Daniel began the opening of a complaint, but it died on his lips as the jungle parted to reveal a smouldering marshland of bubbling mud and steaming pools fed by hot springs.

"Jack, this level of geological activity would indicate -"

Jack had turned to him and silenced him with a gentle finger upon his lips.

"Don't spoil it. I call this the O'Neill Baths. What do you think?"

Daniel frowned. "Is it safe?"

"Sure. I've been in them and I'm fine. Come on, you're going to love this."

"The tribesmen never spoke of this."

"So, they don't have hot tubs in their culture."

"We could be violating some serious taboos."

"Dammit, Daniel, just try and have fun, just once. Please."

Jack never said please. Daniel shut up and let himself be led to a large steaming pool. Jack crouched and tested the water temperature with his hand. Perfect. He grinned at Daniel and sat down to pull his boots off.

Daniel unbuttoned his fly and saw Jack watching him. Daniel slowed up undressing deliberately and slid his hand down, ever so slowly, into his pants, touching himself.

Jack shot him a half smile.

"You always were a pricktease," he accused mildly.

Jack stripped off and slid into the water, sighing as tendrils of steam curled up around him. He waded through the waist high water to where Daniel stood on the lip of the pool. Jack reached up and carefully prised open Daniel's trousers a little wider, pushing Daniel's hand out of the way.

"Jack?" Daniel couldn't help himself.

"Daniel," Jack shushed him. He pulled Daniel's trousers down a little, exposing him completely. His hands crept over the curves of Daniel's still pale buttocks and he placed a small kiss on the flat plane of Daniel's abdomen. He nuzzled Daniel gently, breathing his scent, and Daniel stirred in anticipation, feeling Jack's breath caress his most sensitive skin.

Both of them paused for the longest moment, then Jack tasted him and Daniel closed his eyes. He felt himself sliding into Jack's mouth, not all the way because Jack was new to this, but enough for it to feel like heaven. Jack grabbed at his hips harder and started sucking and sliding up and down on Daniel in earnest, enjoying it, getting better and better with each second, knowing what Daniel did to him and mimicking him, making Daniel groan out loud.

"Jack, Jack," Daniel felt the familiar twitch start to build and grow. "Jack." He tried to push Jack away. "Jack, I'm gonna -"

Daniel made an inarticulate cry at the same time Jack fell back, choking and spitting Daniel's seed onto the wet rocks.

"Sorry," Daniel offered sheepishly.

"No, it's okay," Jack allowed. He gazed up at Daniel once he'd quite finished coughing. "Come here."

Daniel kicked off his boots and trousers and slid into the deliciously warm water and let Jack envelop him in a heady kiss.

"My turn," Jack murmured, grabbing at Daniel's arse and rubbing his erection into Daniel's hip.

Daniel grinned. Jack could never be called subtle.

Jack's tongue was deep in his mouth and Daniel soon had his thighs wrapped around Jack and Jack was deep inside him.

The water made him buoyant and he floated, just floated like a leaf as Jack slid in and out of him. Daniel's hands skimmed the water, his head tilted back. He was in heaven, absolute heaven. He opened his eyes and saw two cold eyes staring down at him.

"Uh, Jack."

"What?" Jack was a little preoccupied.

"Snake." Daniel managed to say, looking up into the face of the biggest damn snake he ever wanted to see.

"Up there." He gazed worriedly at the overhanging branch the snake was coiled around.

"Does it look like it wants to join us?"

"No, it's just hanging there."

"Good, because I don't do kinky animal acts." Jack snapped off without even looking up.

Daniel had been imagining Jack wrestling the snake in their pool like Tarzan. Now he had an entirely different image in his mind.

Jack kept on thrusting and Daniel idly thought what was heaven on earth without a snake, after all, and he closed his eyes and let Jack take him all the way there, coming again with Jack deep inside him. Jack grunted his release and clutched Daniel tightly to him for several long minutes before they drifted apart slightly. They just bobbed together in their hot water pool, like two apples in a tub, contented to just lie there and let the hot water bubble over them, soothing away years of old hurts and tensions. Jack reached out and touched Daniel's slightly puckered fingertips with his own. It was all that needed to be said: they had each other, no matter what.



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